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Gutters R Us have a solid reputation for providing expert guttering and gutter repair services. For almost three decades, we have been meeting the needs of residential, commercial and industrial clients across the greater Melbourne area. Our team have been a trustworthy and reliable provider of guttering services since 1990.  We are known for our efficiency, effective installation techniques, and ability to complete every project within deadline. Furthermore, we continually strive to offer the most cost-effective prices.

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In need of urgent gutter repairs? At Gutters R Us Vic, we specialise in maintaining, repairing, and replacing gutters. Regardless of the type of property, building, heights, restrictions, etc. we can find a solution to fix roofing issues.

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Comprehensive Gutter Repair Services

Our team of qualified guttering specialists provides gutter repair and replacement services throughout Melbourne. Our service areas include the Eastern and South-Eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula and Bayside areas. No matter your suburb, we’ll be there to help.
With years of experience, we have gained knowledge of all roof types and any issues that may arise. It means that our team is equipped with more than the equipment. But also the experience and understanding to be able to fix any roofing problem that you may come across.
Included gutter repair services:
  • Installation of new gutters
  • replacement of partial gutter sections
  • replacement of downpipes
  • replacement of box gutters
Rusted, damaged, or installed gutters and downpipes generate problems for many Melbourne homeowners. All roofing and guttering are bound to degrade over time. Yet, it shouldn’t affect the quality and integrity of your home or endanger your family.
Issues with gutters, downpipes, and other aspects of your roofing. It can cause leaks, rotting, rust, stained walls, sagging, and even collapsed ceilings. We recommend to fixed these issues sooner rather than later. That’s why we recommend regular maintenance and checking of your roofing and gutters. It will allow any minor issues to check and addressed before they cause significant damage.


Professional Gutter Replacement Services, At Competitive Prices

If your gutters are at that stage of no return, we provide comprehensive gutter replacement services. We aim to provide you with brand-new, restored roofs and gutters that need minimal maintenance and repair work in the future.
But degradation is not the only reason for gutter replacements. New gutters can completely change the aesthetic of your home. Thus increasing the value of your property or making your home more appealing to the eye.
Our team offers a free, comprehensive consultation, assessment, and inspection. We are providing you with an accurate quote for re-roofing your home. We will tell you your options, helping you determine whether gutter replacement is the best solution.

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Reviews From Our Happy Customers 

Just wanted to say a big thanks to the team at Gutters R Us. Had a long section of gutter replaced along my deck which was damaged and over flowing due to the small size of the existing gutter. The team advised that a larger box gutter with surge should be installed. All completed within a few hours and the colours matched perfectly. Great job guys and I recommend them without hesitation.

Brad Crook


I had to replace my old roof before selling the house and called your roofing company to do the job. I was so impressed with the professionalism and overall craftsmanship! The new roof greatly increased the value of my house and it was all because of you. Thank you for your hard work and reasonable prices!

Keith Gardner


We were very satisfied with the service and expediency of your roofing company. Getting the quote was quick and easy and your staff started on time each day. We are very confident with the job done and have been recommending you to our neighbours.

A Gammel


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Gutter Repairs Near Me FAQs

Do you clean gutters?
No, we do not clean gutters
My gutter is only a little bit damaged, can you just repair it?
We would need to come out and inspect your gutters to assess if they require repair or replacement. At this time we will give you a quote for the work required.
What colours do you have?
We use Colorbond gutters and down pipes. See the Colorbond colour chart.